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Queens Grill
Princess Grill

(Three or Four to a Room or Connecting Rooms)
Balcony or Oceanview
Full Deck Plans--All Categories

Q1 - 2,249 Square Feet
Balmoral & Sandringham Duplex Apartments - Side and Rear Views

Q2 - QueenElizabeth and QueenMary Suites
1,566 Square Feet

Q2 - Duplex Two-Story Apartments
Holyrood, Windsor, Buckingham
1,194 square feet (111m2)

Q3 - Royal Suites
QueenAnne, Victoria Suites 10.001,

795 Sq Feet  (73.8m2)

Q3 Royal Suites
QueenAnne - Suite 10.002
QueenVictoria - Suite 10.001

795 Sq Feet  (73.8m2)

Q4 Penthouse Suite
Decks 9, 10
758 square feet

Q5 - Decks 9, 10 and 11
Q6  - Handicapped - Deck 8 Aft
506 square feet


Queens Grill
Top Level Dining
Seven Most Spacious Categories
Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 , Q6 and Q7

  • Five duplex apartments (two in Q1 and three in Q2) that are two stories high and measure more than 1,650 sq. ft. each (153m2). Overlooking the stern, breathtaking sea views are provided via a two-story glass wall. Each apartment features a small exercise area, interior and exterior balconies, and butler and concierge services. Duplex apartments can be connected to adjoining suites.
  • Six Q4 Penthouses at 758 square feet (464m2), featuring butler and concierge services and private balconies.
  • Four deluxe penthouses (two in Q3 and two in Q2) overlooking the bow measure between 795 (73.8m2) and 1,076 square feet (100m2) and can be combined and connected with adjoining suites to create a single luxurious living area totaling more than 5,000 square feet (464m2), with balcony and concierge service, of course.

P1, P2, and P3 Junior Suites
Princess Grill Dining
Sofa is a Loveseat If Rooms Connect.
381 sq ft (35m2)

Princess Grill

P1, P2, and P3 Junior Suites

Princess Grill Dining
Exclusive Open-Seating Dining.
50% Wider Than A or B .

Princess Grill Suites
381 sq ft (35m2)
300 sq ft en suite (27.8m2)
81 sq ft balcony (7.5m2)

Sofa Is Bottom Right.  Sofa is a Loveseat if Rooms Connect.  Balconies or Atrium Windows Are Behind the Viewer's Perspective.

Britannia Restaurant Dining for all staterooms below P category.

A and B Categories are Gracious Staterooms With Balconies
Eight-foot-deep balconies
Measuring 248 square feet = 23m2
194 sq ft (18m2), plus 54 sq ft (5m2) balcony

Categories A1 and A2 and A3 are Deluxe Balconies with Sweeping Views Decks 8, 11, and 12

B1, B2, B3, B4, and B6 "Premium Balconies" are actually In-Hull Balconies. B5 Balconies are Glass but views are obstructed by lifeboats.

C1 & C2 - Outside Staterooms with Vertical Window Stateroom measuring 194 square feet (18m2) Note that all forward located C1's and C2's have portholes instead of windows.

Categories C3, C4 - Outside Staterooms with Porthole Only
Stateroom measuring 194 square feet (18m2)

Category D Inside Staterooms.
Stateroom measuring 162 square feet
Category D1 have a window or porthole with an interior or Atrium View.   All other D categories have no window and no view.

162 square feet - D1 - Atrium View - Decks 5 & 6
157 square feet - D2 - Inside - Decks 8-12
157 square feet - D3 - Inside - Deck 6
157 square feet - D4 - Inside - Deck 5
157 square feet - D5 - Inside - Deck 4
157 square feet - D6 - Inside - Deck 4
157 square feet - D7 - Inside - Deck 4
157 square feet - D8 - Inside - Deck 4

A1, A2 or A3

B5 Balcony Also Has Glass but is Obstructed by Lifeboats

B5 is also this type of balcony, but views are obstructed by lifeboats

B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, & B7
Are In-Hull Balconies.

Your stateroom has floor-to-ceiling glass doors which open onto a balcony enclosed by the hull, and having a 4' x 7' cutout opening.

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